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The reason why the stiffening ray of light could be put on the first s…

Giant nonlinear optical responses from photon avalanching nanoparticles

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By Sungjun 기자 Posted21-02-01 21:46 Comments0건
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In "Nature," one of the world's three most extensive scientific journals that anyone who likes science knows and hears, the results of experiments on photons, which Korean scientists and researchers mainly participated in, were published on the front page.

Usually, if a small energy light goes somewhere, less energy is released due to thermal energy release. However, the photon avalanche is different. In the case of old photons, the energy increased by about 1% out of 100, whereas in light avalanches, more than 40% of 100 were converted into high-energy light.

This light avalanche can be used in many ways; it can maximize the efficiency of low-efficiency solar cells, increase autonomous driving accuracy, or see smaller materials better.

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