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Mexico's Response to COVID 19 Crisis to Keep the Economy Alive

See the Light amid the Darkness

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By 한지윤ALEXHAN 기자 Posted20-09-16 21:24 Comments2건
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[image: The Mexican Brewing Company that produces Corona beer announced that they would be halting the production of its well-known beer.]

The number of confirmed cases of COVID19 in Mexico passed 600 thousand as of September 2020.  That figure means Mexico is the seventh-worst affected country in the world after the United Staes of America, India, the Russian Federation, Peru, and Colombia. Despite that the pandemic has caused serious disruption to society,  Mexico is trying to overcome the crisis through various government measures and cooperation.


Since the outbreak of COVID 19, the Mexican government put in place coronavirus induced lockdown restrictions and banned “unnecessary” economic activities.  For restaurants, only take-out or delivery was permitted, and all retail stores closed except for supermarkets, pharmacies, etc. Factories were also closed, facing resistance from its people as well as the United States, which demanded reopening of border factories.

Fearing constant shrink of economic activities, the Mexican government lifted the restrictions in a progressive way, starting from coronavirus-free towns to allow to reopen for the gradual nationwide return to a new normal.  Auto, construction, and mining industries were also allowed to resume.  Car manufacturing and auto parts manufacturing companies of Mexico also started to reopen as they are deemed to be crucial supply chains to the US and Canada industries. 

Like in South Korea, Mexico’s coronavirus cases still gradually increasing, and no one can be certain when and how the pandemic will end not only in Mexico but also in the world.  President Andres Mannual Lopex Obrador said,  “We now have the light which tells us we’re going to get out of the tunnel,” at a news conference in which the government set out its plans.  As he said, people in the world are all fighting against the Pandemic, but we see light amid the darkness, and it would be the one that will unite us. 

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