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U.S. - North Korean Summit: Is It Getting Back on Track or Will It Be …

Kim Yong Chol and Mike Pompeo Meet in America

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By 류혜원 기자 Posted18-05-31 19:30 Comments1건
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The long anticipated meeting between the two leaders Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump scheduled to hold place on June 12th has come to an abrupt end after Trump canceled in an open letter after a provocative remark on the part of the North Korean government.


After looking forward to seeing continued progress after the North and South Korean summit in April, the world was disappointed to see the next step in demilitarizing the North and finally reuniting the only split people int he world. But it seems like the world may be getting their summit anyways.


Although Trump leaves the possibility of completely canceling the meeting without any hope of another if the North Korea does not show any intention of actually demilitarizing and working towards peace with South Korea and most of the world. Yet despite this ominous possibility, Kim Yong Chol, the Vice Chairman of North Korea, met with Mike Pompeo, an American diplomat yesterday in New York.


Officially released information states that this meeting was undertaken to possibly resume the preparations for the June 12th summit, though exact details aren't clear yet. Although it was Kim that was meeting Pompeo in New York to iron out the details for a possible resumption, similar efforts are currently being undertaken at the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). 


There are other speculative reasons as to why Kim Yong Chol would visit New York, especially when he is the first in 18 years of his rank to visit America. One such idea is that North Korea is trying get itself diplomatically represented in the States. This would have been impossible for the past years because the Korean War had ended in an armistice, and is technically still in a war against America.


One common misconception after the summit between the two Koreas in April is that the war had been ended. Contrarily, when the armistice was signed in the 1950s, North Korea, America, and China signed on to it. This means that all three powers must convene and agree that this armistice and the war must be brought to an end. So even though the two head powers of each country had agreed to strive towards peace, the war has not ended yet.


Still, with more possible visits between the America and Pyeongyang hanging in the air, it is very much possible that the June 12th summit just might happen. But this meeting may not be realized. With his first meeting with South Korean president Moon Jae In, Kim Jung Un had promised to strive towards getting rid of nukes in North Korea. But both South Korea and America have not been reassured by his pledge. There are suspicions that this may be a promise like most of the others made by North Korea so far; only a promise in words, but not in actions. It is also because of this doubt that Trump is currently stopping the meeting, but if North Korea does show a proper enthusiasm and inclination to comply with American, South Korean, and most of the world's wishes, then we may just see the next summit on the horizon.


While this could easily have been an overreaction on Trump's part, giving North Korea's previous interactions with other nations, it may be a good idea to tread carefully with their promises. But his open letter publicly canceling their meeting because of his doubts, which he has publicly revealed, may not be the best method of bringing about diplomatic cooperation with Kim Jung Un. Still, we must have hope in that Kim Yong Chol has taken the pains to try and reconstruct the meeting by flying all the way to New York. All that is left for the world to do is wait and see.

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